How to practice making conversation with the ladies

When making conversation with the ladies, open-ended questions work best. They give both parties plenty to talk about. Polar yes-or-no questions, on the other hand, are too rigid and can feel like a polygraph test. They are a conversation killer. Whether you’re looking to impress a lady or to simply keep her engaged in your conversation, open-ended questions will help you make the most of your time with her.

Expansive body language

Expansive body language is one of the most attractive characteristics you can show when making conversation with the ladies. Women prefer men who have an open, relaxed body. Avoid being nervous or insecure. It is also important not to avoid eye contact or looking down. You should also avoid carrying a newspaper or other object to take up space.


First, if you’re trying to make conversation with a woman, it’s best to avoid talking about yourself all the time. Not only is this self-centered, but it also makes you seem conceited. Women are looking for guys who are open to their ideas and can engage them in conversation.

Another effective way to break the ice is to suggest something relevant to the current situation. This way, you’re likely to strike up a conversation that lasts for a longer period of time. This approach works especially well when you’re chatting with a girl you don’t know at all.


Empathy is a powerful way to build connections with people. It allows us to relate to others’ pain and emotions. It also helps us share our own feelings. Empathy is difficult to cultivate, but it can be done with a bit of creativity.

Empathy requires being present and purposeful. You have to be able to listen without interruption. When a person talks about their own feelings, try to avoid interrupting them. If you are unable to fully understand the person, ask for clarification and follow-up questions. If you aren’t sure what to say, ask someone you trust to help you.

Keeping the conversation going

Many men find social interaction a challenge. They worry about body language, facial expressions, and more. However, the fact is that there are a few tips you can apply to keep the conversation going with the ladies. First of all, stop worrying about appearance. If possible, stand under an air conditioner to relax and keep the conversation going.

A good way to keep the conversation going is to ask questions. Instead of talking about things you already know, try asking questions that make her think about a topic. For example, you might ask if she loves the band U2, or if she’s been to their concert. Don’t just talk about yourself; share stories about your friends to keep the conversation interesting.

Practice making conversation with the ladies by bringing up something that the other person might be interested in. A common interest such as music or sports can spark a conversation. It will also make the woman feel appreciated and respected. Try to think of an original way to start a conversation. Look the woman in the eye while you’re talking. It will show that you care about what she’s saying and are interested in her interests.

Make sure that you use open-ended questions. These allow the two of you to talk freely and without making the other person feel ostracized or uncomfortable. You can also ask the woman about her day or about her family or work. You can also ask about her friends or favorite things to eat.

When making conversation with the ladies, start with a greeting. Women love to talk with guys, so make sure to make it a point to use a friendly greeting. Remember to avoid yes-or-no questions and instead choose an open-ended question to get to know the girl better.